Scientific Notebook

Scientific Notebook 6.0

Create and edit documents with text, graphics, and mathematical data
Work with studies and mathematical projects in the editor with options to generate complex documents. Develop content by combining regular text data with imported images, graphics, two-dimensional and three-dimensional lots, automated equations and formulas.

Scientific Notebook creates mathematical documents with text and graphics.
The program can build reports, homework, and exams.

You can even export these documents to Rich Text Format, allowing you to share them with colleagues or friends who don´t own Scientific Notebook.

Scientific Notebook has a built-in Exam Builder that will be able to construct exams algorithmically and generate grade and record quizzes on a web server.

The program must be activated in order to use it. Even if you´re installing a trial version, you will need to apply the key that MacKichan Software will send you by email.

With Scientific Notebook you can build your own exam templates, using them later to build your own exams. The results are saved in an .mdb database, and the exam in a .tex file.

You can use several templates to create your documents, as articles, books, exams and syllabi, homework, lab reports, help documents, knowledgebase articles, letters, transparencies, online tests and resumes.

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